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Fame v2.0

Today being famous is too overrated, it is a thing of the past, who wants to be famous anyways. Things have changed lately, were being not famous is the issue, how can I not be famous?

There are millions of people that enjoy some fame, people who do not even know they are famous. Youtubers, myspacers, facebookers, and hard to say it bloggers. All of these species have ways to become famous. Why wanna be like Cameron, or Justin, when you can be youtuber with 40 million viewers, or new sensation rockstar at myspace.

The beauty is that it is relatively costless to be famous these days. But the tragedy is that also it does not pay at all, well few get payed, but who’s counting.

So these is for all of you who are famous and don’t know it, who did not go half the world to gain fame, who are not payed for being a great celebrity. For all of you whose fame inspired millions, who made celebrities not wanting to be celebrities anymore.


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