Random / The anecdote

The shouter

There he sat, in a glorious bench, facing the ocean, nothing could be more pleasant.  It was what he needed, peace, and intimacy. He could enjoy the sounds of the waves crashing towards the rocks, the birds singing beautiful lullabies, the grass, well the grass. It had been a long time since Roger felt this way, he would not trade it for anything; just living the dream.

Ista e uni estanto! Ista e uni estanto! Roger heard from afar. Suddenly he turned to search where that horrible sound was coming from. Immediately he saw an old man running towards him. He then searched around, and as he was the only person in the zone, he deducted that the old man was running precisely towards him.

Sir are you all right? asked Roger various times. The old man started running in circles around Roger screaming: Ista e uni estanto! At first Roger thought the old man would eventually run off, but after a few minutes he continued running and screaming. In a sudden movement, Roger stood up, and stopped the old man. Can I help you old man? Said Roger with a powerful tone. Ista e uni estanto? Asked the old man. What are you saying? Ista e uni estanto. Whispered the old man, and left.

Roger stood perplexed. He could hear nothing but the words of that old man inside his head: Ista e uni estanto.

Sitting in benches would not be the same for Roger anymore.


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