Random / The anecdote / The idea

Ralph and I

Ralph and I did virtually everything together, and it was not because we wanted to, but because we were stranded in an Island. It had been five years since that crash, and never heard of the outside world, now we were at our world; rulers of our world. You see, whoever you are, crab, anchovi, fish, ruling can be really fun, but when it is only one person you rule, it can be kind of frustrating.

We decided to split and create our own kingdoms. In the beginning everything went smoothly well; trade was at its peak, border patrols without inconveniences and so on. Our kingdoms lived in harmony, Ralph’s and I’s.

Suddenly one day, I received a report from the local intelligence that Ralph was about to lunch a surprise attack on our kingdom. I did not hesitate, and right away prepared the army for eminent invasion. BUM! The first attack, and the second, and so on, soon I realized my army could not hold against Ralph’s.

The war was over, and I was defeated. Ralph took over and my kingdom ceased to exist.

Time passed slowly, and Ralph’s kingdom needed a new adviser. I applied for the job, surprisingly I got it. It was the happiest day of my life, I was the king’s personal adviser, finally a chance for me to regain my kingdom….


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