Random / The idea


Every animal has its own trait, owls fly at night, ostriches are half snake, half bird, and so on. Animals, also have their own characteristic name , a horse, a crocodile, a shark, etc, and we all remember them well; although we do not know the nature of their names, we seem to accept them as they are. But there are some animals that just fail to do it, have an original name, for example the grasshopper.

It appears to be that when scientists were deciding what to name this peculiar alien like insect, they ran out of ideas, and although they named it Caelifea  (its scientific name), they struggled to come up with a popular name. After a long time, they finally made it, and named it a grasshopper. Apparently that is the best they could come up with, grasshopper. Today millions of people know what a grasshopper is, and the name belongs to that insect, but  what if someone really does that for a living, he can not be called a grasshopper, for that name is reserved for the insect many love. Today people who want to grass hop, have to fight society to be accepted as actual grasshoppers, some succeed and some don’t. But we have to live with that reality, names that do not belong to us; grass-hopping is reserved for others, the species called Caelifea.


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