The anecdote

From here to there

So there I was sitting at my desk, waiting for something to happen. As usual nothing happen, and just another day at work. Each day I got in at eight in the morning, and did virtually nothing until ten.

Ten o’clock, supposedly at this time I did some productive stuff, but actually I started to get anxious and bit my nails. I had this routine for a few weeks, until one day my fellow worker companion told me my nails looked really bad, I mean scary bad. I did not care until he said the ladies did not like bitten nails, specially like those in my fingers.

So I decided to stop bitting my nails. A few weeks passed, and I felt better, good looking nails, I felt I was on top of the world. I mean, I went to buy new clothes, flashy new shoes, smile on my face, I was living the dream.

So it was Friday night and some friends and I went to this bar, I mean THE bar. I was really looking forward, since I was on top of the world and well ladies like that. We ordered some beers and invited some girls to our table. There we were, chatting, laughing, having a good time. It was then, that I heard the girls say something, you know those times when you pick up a word from a conversation you’re not supposed to be part of, and you act as if nothing happened just to keep listening. Well I paid close attention and heard the following: “his hair” then a response: “eww”. I did not know who they were talking about, until they left and one of my friends said to me, that they were disgusted at my hair. At first I did not understand, but then I recalled that every morning at ten I started eating my hair tips.

So I decided to stop doing that…..


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