The randomites

The randomites characterized theme-selves as highly genuine material. They considererd their race the most authentic of all; with no logical behavior pattern, no one knew what the randomites would do next. Upon their arrival, they started to infest the most important cities of earth, from Rio to Riyadh, and from London to Taipei. In the beginning they were welcomed in most of these cities, for they were humorous and people were distracted from their daily routine.

Randomites lived in harmony with men for a long period of time. A month passed and the randomites were not random anymore. Scientists discovered their behavior pattern, and proved that the randomites were not the most authentic race out there. The randomites were in for a big fall, people no longer appreciated them, no longer laughed at their randomness, no longer……

Time passed, and people forgot them. Three weeks later, a new race known as the Randomians, and well, they self proclaimed the most authentic race out there…..


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