The idea

The greatest idea of all

Lou was hanging out in Fernando’s house, of course he was with Fernando. Suddenly Fernando got really excited, went out the room and returned with a small blackboard.He then wrote: “The greatest idea of all:” He then asked Lou: “Do you know what I just came up?” to this Lou replied: “The greatest idea of all?” Fernando was surprised, and then thought if Lou came up with the same idea, how could he? “So?” Lou asked. Fernando blacked out and forgot what it was he was thinking. “So what?” he replied to Lou. “What is the greatest idea of all?” …..”I don’t remember.” Fernando sat down with Lou, they both got lost in their thoughts and never talked about that days’ incident. We will never know what was Fernando’s great idea, and maybe it is for the best that we don’t ever know, but one thing’s for sure: we’ll remember that day as the day one brilliant mind came up with the greatest idea of all.


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