Modern World

Being part of something

Some of us, sometimes, feel as if we were left out, of a team, a friendship or a crew. Some deal with these kinds of situations with pain, others don’t really care, and others just form their own team. But it is never the same, sometimes you really want to be part of something, and they just don’t invite you; you start asking: Was it me? Am I not pretty enough? What’s wrong with you people? Whatever you ask yourself, sometimes you just do not find the answer, and it is frustrating. AFter many attempts, you finally achieve being part of a something, and then you forget about all the pain and agony, and you start behaving as part of that something. Soon another one comes and wants to be part, but strangely you reject him, he, the rejected one, goes and forms his own something, and he calls it: The “being part of something” group. This group, is for all those who never got the chance to be part of something. So the club is a huge success, in America, Europa, and even Asia, but soon not anyone is accepted. So the story goes, and you may imagine where this goes, so if you start a group, don’t say anyone can be a member, just say: almost anyone.


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