The anecdote


The day started at six in the morning. Soon I was on my gear and ready to go. Today’s stage was about 30 km, and I knew I had a long way ahead of me. I started to walk with my 15 kilos of gear, the sun waking up, but fortunately it would be another hour till it was completely out. It was ten in the morning, and my legs started to complain, they needed rest, my back needed to stretch, and virtually everything my body was crying for rest; but still my mind keep telling me just a little more, little more.

I took the first break, for I needed to get a snack, fuel my body, just a little bit to keep it going. My body entered a complete cool-down, and apparently my mind was cooling down too, but I needed to continue, and there were still ten clicks to go. I finished my snack and geared up, in less than a minute I was on my way; I could not stop and think about it, because the take off would be very slow.

Five clicks remaining, and my body luckily was in one piece. On the other hand my mind was falling apart; kept telling myself I was not going to make it. It was that side of my mind that wanted to give up, that said: “you’re done for the day lad”. But I kept trying, my walking pole was the one thing that kept me standing and leaping forward, at times my whole body reclined into that single pole. It told me how much more, every step, around 30 to 50 centimeters closer to the goal.

I knew I was near, I felt it, I smelled it, I even tasted it, but only thing that kept me going was that idea: just a little bit more….


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