The idea

The veteran

Everyday, thousands of post its, invade offices around the world. Their life is an endless battle of who is going to be on top and the most important of the day. But today the honor goes to that post it, that did not make it to the top, that has been hiding in the shadows for countless amount of time: the veteran. In its time the veteran was just like the fresh post its, young, bright and full of that sticky substance which makes it a post it. Soon, the veteran felt it no longer played the duty it did days before, to remind. As things that loose their use, the veteran soon was forgotten, and the only thing it could hang on was its glorious day as a piece of use-full material. Hours, days and months passed and the veteran was lost in oblivion. Darkness overcame the veteran, for there was not a single space where the light could come through, the veteran grew bitter and lonely. One day the veteran was awaken by horrible sounds, soon the veteran felt warm again as if above it something was disappearing; fast! The veteran soon realized that its companions were being slaughtered, and amazingly he felt some joy, for the veteran was going to be important once again, back in duty. Finally the veteran was the last one standing, not shiny white anymore, but the message was still there: “Clean this mess”. The veteran was not forgotten after all.


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