Modern World

Extra nothing

Fast food culture is more popular as the day passes, I mean it is amazing how a new place opens where you once thought it would never. Everyday they are full, and well their profits seem endless, I wish I had a part of the share, but that is only doable in dreams. Ironically hunger is one of the main problems the world population suffers, but these guys, fast food guys, don’t seem to realize that. So you are in the counter and the sales man asks you if you want large everything for just a fraction more of your money, the pressure is so much that you don’t have the time to process that information, and your answer is yes. So you get extra food, and pardon me, but it’s a waste of food, since you asked for the regular combo and now you got the big combo. Probably you will eat all of it, if you are much into fast food unhealthy food, but many will dispose it in the garbage, the extra soda, extra french fries, extra everything. More money for them, lots of fractions of money plus lots more, well it’s about many millions, and many tons of food wasted. Unimaginable amounts of food wasted and unimaginable of hungry people out there. Think about paying that extra something, that huge extra nothing.


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