The idea

Bert and the Iluans

Bert was a small member of the Iluans, a rare fish specimen. The thing is he did not know this until his adoptive parents told him he was a Iluan. Bert received this shocking new the day after his graduation from Cape High, and so he decided to look for his species. Bert spend about five years looking, and nowhere could he find them. Until one day he found one of them, he was Edd, and he was all by himself. Bert then asked where all the others were, to this Edd could not answer, for he too did not know where they were. Bert then asked if he could join Edd in the search for the Iluans, but Edd replied that it would be easier and far more effective if they separated, Bert agreed and they went their separate ways. Bert never saw Edd again, and it had been ten years since he parted off for the search. It was that day that he decided to go back to his hometown. As he arrived, he felt that he could not go back, for it had been a long time and who would remember him, so Bert decided to roam alone in the ocean for the rest of his days. Back in his former hometown, Bert’s adoptive parents always dreamt about the the Bert would return to them.


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