Modern World

The ghost

Big cities are full of big problems, whether it’s crime, traffic, pollution or just plain vastness. Big cities attract peoples from all around the world, whether it’s for tourism, making business, etc. big cities are the hubs of virtually everything. 

There is the given assumption that big cities are the places of opportunity and success. This can be true in many cases, but in most, people find theme-selves struggling to survive in the vastness of the city. Where to live?, the cities offer a wide array of places to live, but which one is the best, and most important what can I afford? Big cities are expensive, so lots of people have to settle in cheaper less better looking zones.

Often one arrives to a city alone, the irony is that big cities tend to have millions and millions of inhabitants, but one feels all alone when he/she gets there. Furthermore, this loneliness, often makes the newly arrived, to go and find a place where he can feel safe, a refugee, a shelter, making the loneliness even greater. The new resident, rides the metro with thousands more, and the other thousands act as if there was no one else in the metro. As if one passed in front of you and there was not the slightest reaction, as if you were a ghost. The new resident is a ghost.

So there goes the ghost, trying to find a job, blending in, and just trying to get past through the day. People are dodgy and doubtful of everyone, and so everyone acts selfish for they are afraid of just talking to another ghost. There is noise and movement all around, everyone is doing something for the city needs to work. The ghost does not understand why everyone is working so one part of the city can look glamorous, while the other parts are not taken care, and forgotten, and these are where the majority of the people live.

The ghost then goes to the region where there are palaces. In there he feels like another kind of ghost, one that really scares, one that is seen but also ignored. He asks who lives there and if he can work there but people react very defensively, something not new to him, but this time he realizes that they are actually scared, and in a hurry to get away from this ghost, from him. He realizes that these people, these ghosts, that live in palaces, are most afraid of the majority of the ghost inhabitants of the city, and they are the least seen, but the most seen in the city, for they are everywhere and control everything, but are sheltered in their palaces, that make more resemblance to fortifications than to palaces.

The ghost finally understands that the big city is alive, but this life is given by death souls, ghosts, that only create a facade of life.


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