Random / The idea


Every animal has its own trait, owls fly at night, ostriches are half snake, half bird, and so on. Animals, also have their own characteristic name , a horse, a crocodile, a shark, etc, and we all remember them well; although we do not know the nature of their names, we seem to accept them as … Continue reading


The randomites

The randomites characterized theme-selves as highly genuine material. They considererd their race the most authentic of all; with no logical behavior pattern, no one knew what the randomites would do next. Upon their arrival, they started to infest the most important cities of earth, from Rio to Riyadh, and from London to Taipei. In the … Continue reading

The idea

The greatest idea of all

Lou was hanging out in Fernando’s house, of course he was with Fernando. Suddenly Fernando got really excited, went out the room and returned with a small blackboard.He then wrote: “The greatest idea of all:” He then asked Lou: “Do you know what I just came up?” to this Lou replied: “The greatest idea of all?” Fernando … Continue reading