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Death communications

For the past ten years, tele communications have become, if not, one of the most important activities on Earth. After the Internet boom, one could not imagine his/her life without a connection, without checking daily mails, videos, or just kill time on the web. Everything from computers, to video-games, to cell phones. It is amazing how people become paranoid if those things are taken from them just for one day; “No cell phones! Please kill me, take me out from this misery.” Believe it or not, some people think that way, or feel that way when it comes to the “most haves” products, that are really not that essential.Nothing of the previously said, is new, just ideas that come to our minds sporadically and usually fade away the same way. As said before, some may not imagine a world without the vitals: Cell phones, Internet, mp3 players, video games, etc; and most of those who can not imagine their life without that could be situated in the developed countries. The networks work with so much perfection, that rarely one could experience system breakouts and all the things that could go wrong with these kinds of products. Fortunately that is the case of developed countries.

I am not praising developed countries, I am just saying that sometimes it is annoying to wake up and feel lonely, desperate, and think that something has gone extremely wrong. An yes, I am one of those people whose second heart is a Cell phone, Internet and other electronic devises, I am a victim of publicity, merchandising, and I no longer fall into ideologies, but into brands and corporations. Let me stop here my melodrama, and narrate you the story of today: I woke up and did my daily exercise, as far as I know, the exercising machine made me look better and I felt better with those yellow tennis shoes I got a few months ago. Everything was running very smoothly, great shower, great music, not so great news but again one can find few good news in the papers. Said that, I was feeling on top of Mount Kilimanjaro, but soon a lightning struck and I fell down like a stone. As I tried to make a phone call, I found out that the service was death, no systems running correctly. It was impossible, because my cell phone company is owned by the richest man on Earth and has the biggest telecommunications monopoly in the region. How could it be? I have no idea, but the truth of this matter is that, for many people like me it was a terrible experience, almost felt as if something was ripped from my body. I hope someday in my life I forget this horrible experience.


One thought on “Death communications

  1. When everybody already had a cellphone I didn’t want it exactly because of that. I was without cellphone couple of years and I felt completely happy. But now it’s not really possible. And it’s scary. If you take away for example electricity from human being it would be horrible picture. What was before that? More time for hearing own thoughts, more time for speaking in life with each other. Seeing eyes of person you talk to, having a chance to read gestures, mimicry.. Evenings with conversations and candles.. I miss that time.

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