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Little more

When eating, playing, sleeping, having sex….Many times we want a little more, we never know what is little more, because it is the desire of having a little more. Even if we get that little more, we still wonder if we could have a little more. So that “little more” could be the eternal desire … Continue reading



You and U

You met U and U met You. They both knew they were almost identical, but also were aware that there was something, a little something, that made them a bit different.  So You went on with his life and U went about with hers. They met every now and then, but never could figure what it was … Continue reading



And he was told: -You shall not drink from that fountain, for it will bring you perils and uneasiness.- But everyone kept drinking from it. And so it was that one day he gave up to temptation and drank from it. And from that moment onwards till the end of his days he never stopped … Continue reading


Hello there

-Hey!- He said -Hey!-The other replied. -Can you hear me?- -I can always hear you.- -Ha! I forgot mate.- -Now, that is rude. Have we not shared a life together?- -My apologies mate, but sometimes I forget you are even here.- -Not to worry, it’s nice to hear your voice James.- -You too Gerald. And … Continue reading